Her Symphony

As announced I just dropped my new single “Her Symphony” to all big stores worldwide. It is now available on the biggest ones.

Get it now: https://hypeddit.com/link/u7rhtp

Personally, this is a very special track. It’s dedicated to my girlfriend, who helps me every time and who is the most important person in my life. So please share this one through the world!

Big announcement

After I had a break the last months, I wanna come back now with many presents for you! There so many gigs and track to announce, that they don’t fit in this single post. So stay tuned for more!

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Matoma feat. Josie Dunne – Sunday Morning (Eric Fisherman Remix) OUT ON YOUTUBE!

A few weeks ago I finished this remix. It mixes the classic Trace with Psy and maybe EDM. Just listen to it and tell me what you think!

Follow me on YouTube to see more like that!

Fisherman’s Marine Radio – Episode 003 #Trance

It’s out now: The next episode of my monthly radio show “Fisherman’s Marine Radio”.

This episode is special for me, because I started DJing and producing with Trance. This genre is one of the most melodic ones in electronic dance music.

This mix contains my new remix of “Sunday Morning”. Go check it out here: https://skiomusic.com/dj_eric_fisherman272/matoma-feat-josie-dunne-sunday-morning-eric-fisherman-remix

So enjoy the session I’ve recorded! Don’t forget to tune in next month for another Marine Radio episode – every month is dedicated to another genre.

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Now for Free Download: In My Mind (Eric Fisherman Remix)

To celebrate the immense support on my first remix of “In My Mind”, I’ve remastered the track and published it for Free Download 

Go check out

 Free Download via YouTube: https://hypeddit.com/track/j9y4rq

 Free Download via SoundCloud: https://hypeddit.com/track/fy1zwc

Fisherman’s Marine Radio – Episode 002

Don’t want flowers? Get a Rave! 

This is the second episode of Fisherman’s Marine Radio!

I’ve picked some nice Techno tunes from my collection. Techno is one of the most famous genres in electronic dance music raised millions of followers the past decades. It’s not music – it’s culture. This episode also contains my brandnew track “Anatomy”. Check it out on all big streaming platforms:


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After my first Techno release “Honesty”, I’m now pushing another one to all big streaming services!  Anatomy is out now!

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Lovely – Out now!

Get this special track on all major streaming platforms (   )! However, read the text below. This might not be the best track I’ve ever made, but it’s special for me.

 When I started mixing, my dad gave me some old Trance CDs. It was the Genre I started mixing with. Later on, I forgot a little bit about that and started to produce some mainstream Genres, without really loving what I did.

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Fisherman’s Marine Radio – Episode 001

This month I’m starting something new!  I present to you my new monthly radio show “Fisherman’s Marine Radio”. This will be a place for new music and classics, everything I can find in my collection. Futhermore, every week will be dedicated to another genre. On top of everything, you’ll be able to  download every episode for free! … Continue reading


About me

I’m Eric, a passionate DJ for years. I started Djing with the age of 12 on my father’s old booth. It was the legendary Pioneer DJ CDJ 500II, without having any support by digital systems. This was where I learned the art of Djing. A few years later, I started playing with Software, developing a creative style of playing music. Nowadays, I’m playing on different setups and with different styles, making music the creative way.

With time, I started playing different genres. Started with Trance and House, I’m playing everything from Black, Rap and Hip-Hop to Deep House, Future House, Techno, Festival, EDM and even Trance, Psytrance and a little bit of Hands-Up. I love the music I play, so there are many remixes included in my style of mixing. If you like to listen to some of them, check out my Mixcloud channel at https://mixcloud.com/dj_eric_fisherman.

Later on, I started to produce, too. Trying different styles, I’m making remixes and originals. Check them out on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/dj_eric_fisherman and keep your eyes open for the free downloads there!


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 Schwarzes Schaf, Tübingen
 Staupitzbad, Döbeln
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