Marine Recordings

Marine Recordings is my own label founded in 2020. First, it’s only purpose was to have a home for unusual tracks I experimented with. However, in early 2021, I talked to other producers and we’re all of one opinion, that there are so many great artists out there, that deserve more attention. So Marine Recordings became a project to promote underrated artists and help them to grow.

At the same time, Marine Recordings is not a pay-to-promotion project. We believe in the power of a group of music makers helping each other to get the attention everyone deserves.

If you want to be part of it, take a look at our application form! We’re looking forward to your message!

But now, take a look at the music we make and our great artists!


  • Maybe the most important release Marine Recordings ever had
    We experiance tough times in Europe, but the Ukraine is burning. So Skrip will donate every income he makes with his latest track ‘Belong To My Fire’. You can already support him by listening to his track on Soundcloud below and by sharing the track to your friends! Eric Fisherman
  • Burning out on friday
    New music by myself coming again! Burning is out this friday and already available on Soundcloud. Check it out now! Eric Fisherman [Marine Recordings] · Burning
  • Will Always Be Alone is dropping next week!
    RT is dropping another Trance banger! Get ready for “Will Always Be Alone”, which will be out at the 28th of January. Eric Fisherman [Marine Recordings] · RT – Will Always Be Alone [Marine Recordings]
  • RT is back!
    RT is back with a classic Trance tune called “The Glory In Solitude”. Make sure to presave this beauty!
  • Olsti is joining Marine Recordings
    Olsti drops his first track on Marine Recordings called “No Regrets”. Check it out now! Eric Fisherman [Marine Recordings] · Olsti – No Regrets [Marine Recordings]
  • RT – Getting Stronger out now
    RT is dropping his next great track called Getting Stronger on Marine Recordings. Check it out and grab your copy now! Eric Fisherman [Marine Recordings] · RT – Getting Stronger [Marine Recordings]