Marine Radio 13 out now

The recording of yesterday’s livestream is out now on Soundcloud and Spotify! Don’t forget to follow me on to tune in live to the next stream.

XXL Episode Marine Radio out now!

Yesterday, I’ve recorded the second livestream this year. As a result, there’s an XXL Marine Radio episode out now on Soundcloud and Spotify! Check it out now. The tracklist is included on the streaming services.

Marine Radio on Spotify
Listen to all Marine Radio episodes on Spotify and Soundcloud!

Going live at 21:00

Hey guys, I’m going live tonight together with DJ Nexus! Check out to listen.

Marine Radio 011 out now!

Out now on Soundcloud and Spotify: The next Marine Radio episode for a groovy start into the spring!

Marine Radio on Spotify
Listen now to Marine Radio on Spotify

New Playlist available on SoundCloud

I’ve created a brandnew playlist on SoundCloud containing great Future House mixed. Just lean back and enjoy!

The collection contains mostly underground and starting artists to give them a chance to grow up. If you like their music, leave a like and share their music. I’d love to see you sharing this playlist, too 😉

Marine Radio 10 out now!

Marine Radio on Spotify

Fisherman’s Marine Radio now on Spotify and Soundcloud

Yes, that’s right: My Marine Radio show is already available on Soundcloud and Spotify! Don’t forget to add this to your collection!

Yearmix 2019

It was a very tourbulent year, but filled with great music. So this is my personal collection of the best tracks that I found this year.

Get your free download here:


About me

I’m Eric, a passionate DJ for years. I started Djing with the age of 12 on my father’s old booth. It was the legendary Pioneer DJ CDJ 500II, without having any support by digital systems. This was where I learned the art of Djing. A few years later, I started playing with Software, developing a creative style of playing music. Nowadays, I’m playing on different setups and with different styles, making music the creative way.

With time, I started playing different genres. Started with Trance and House, I’m playing everything from Black, Rap and Hip-Hop to Deep House, Future House, Techno, Festival, EDM and even Trance, Psytrance and a little bit of Hands-Up. I love the music I play, so there are many remixes included in my style of mixing. If you like to listen to some of them, check out my Mixcloud channel at

Later on, I started to produce, too. Trying different styles, I’m making remixes and originals. Check them out on Soundcloud at and keep your eyes open for the free downloads there!


 Tonhalle, Munich
 Schwarzes Schaf, Tübingen
 Staupitzbad, Döbeln
Rutenfest, Ravensburg
Bootsparty Lions Club, Frankfurt
 Schaumfestival, Ravensburg
Kantine (Restaurant), Ravensburg
 Kulturwerk, Ravensburg
 HuGo’s, Ravensburg
 Bacchus, Ravensburg
 Pucci, Ravensburg
 Shotz, Ravensburg
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