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This is the collection of all my tracks and mixes. To stay updated regulary, follow me on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music. Don’ forget to follow me on all my channels:

Marine Recordings

Marine Recordings is my own label founded in 2020. It’s main purpose is to collect tracks that are experiments, which wouldn’t have a chance to get uploaded normally. As it’s rising right now, it’s open for any genres. If you have a track you’d like to publish, just write to


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Welcome to Marine Radio 019!

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Marine Radio episode 019. This time I’d like to calm you down and play some chillout tunes. Don’t miss out the presentation of my brandnew tracks “Neptune” and “Moon” in the second half of the show.

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See Me out now

The second track on Marine Recordings is out now on your preferred streaming platform! Grab your copy now, it’s free:

Starting my own label Marine Recordings

As you may have noticed, I’m starting with my own label today. The idea is to get a chance to publish tracks, that are not in my main genres. Like ‘Jungle’, which is a Tech House/Deep House track. Don’t worry, there will be ‘normal’ releases soon.

Jungle, the first track of Marine Recordings, is out now on every big streaming platform. Make shure to check it out on Soundcloud. Below you find the playlist with all Marine Recordings tracks. Don’t miss to follow that playlist in order to get all tracks released there.

‘Make Her Dance’ out on 24th of April

It’s time to announce the release date of ‘Make Her Dance’ finally! My first release under NXS music will be out soon. If you can’t wait to listen to the full track, here are a few options for you:

First, I played this track in my Marine Radio show number 14. Listen to the show on your preferred service by klicking here.

The second method is the exclusive stream of the full original mix I’ve uploaded to Soundcloud. Just follow me on Spotify that you don’t miss out the original release.

Made another Electroswing episode!

After many of you told me to make another Electroswing episode of Marine Radio I’ve recorded one in my livestream on Twitch. Check it out now on your preferred service!

Marine Radio 014 out now!

The recording of the last livestream on from the 3rd of April 2020 is now available on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and Mixcloud! Check it out now. Keep your heads up for the two songs I’ve presented: ’99’ and ‘Make Her Dance’. Both will be released soon on NXS music.

Stream with NXS and SKAT live!






About me

I’m Eric, a passionate DJ for years. I started Djing with the age of 12 on my father’s old booth. It was the legendary Pioneer DJ CDJ 500II, without having any support by digital systems. This was where I learned the art of Djing. A few years later, I started playing with Software, developing a creative style of playing music. Nowadays, I’m playing on different setups and with different styles, making music the creative way.

With time, I started playing different genres. Started with Trance and House, I’m playing everything from Black, Rap and Hip-Hop to Deep House, Future House, Techno, Festival, EDM and even Trance, Psytrance and a little bit of Hands-Up. I love the music I play, so there are many remixes included in my style of mixing.

Later on, I started to produce, too. Trying different styles, I’m making remixes and originals. In 2020, I founded Marine Recordings in order to collect all tracks, that are different from the artits main genres, but should be published. Check it out at Marine Recordings


 Tonhalle, Munich
 Schwarzes Schaf, Tübingen
 Staupitzbad, Döbeln
Rutenfest, Ravensburg
Bootsparty Lions Club, Frankfurt
 Schaumfestival, Ravensburg
Kantine (Restaurant), Ravensburg
 Kulturwerk, Ravensburg
 HuGo’s, Ravensburg
 Bacchus, Ravensburg
 Pucci, Ravensburg
 Shotz, Ravensburg
 Lüderitz, Ravensburg